O'Hara is an American actress of Norwegian and Irish descent. She grew up on her family's farm, lovingly named Poverty Knob, in rural Zumbro Falls, Minnesota. From the time she could speak, she was performing for anyone who would watch. When she entered sixth grade, she caught the attention of performance coach Robert Ruberto, with a short story she wrote for class. Ruberto tutored O'Hara for the next two years, covering musical theater, stage performance, and some opera. Ruberto remains one of O'Hara's greatest mentors.

O'Hara spent her junior year of high school at the Perpich Center of Performing Arts, where as a theater major, she realized her love of film. In the fall of 2011, O'Hara began working behind the scenes of independent film 'In Winter', directed by Alex Gutterman. O'Hara traveled with the production team to New York City for the film's fund-raising campaign. Months later, she was on the east coast again, as a student at Hampshire College.

In spite of her short-lived college experience, O'Hara believes that her time at Hampshire was meant to be. In her second year, O'Hara auditioned for senior student Caz McKinnon's film, 'Intrusion'. The film's screenplay struck a chord with O'Hara, and as luck would have it, McKinnon cast O'Hara as the lead. It was at the encouragement of McKinnon, close friends, and family, that O'Hara left Hampshire College after the completion of the film. O'Hara and McKinnon look forward to working together in future films.

Since her school days, O'Hara has performed in multiple productions, including short films, photo shoots, and a play. She has also written, directed, and produced, though she has learned she would rather not do all three at once. More than anything, her greatest love is to experience the world in front of the camera.


Photographer: Jill Hyland